Is your organization changing top leadership?
Jim Cederna can help top executives avoid the most common pitfalls of newly-minted CEOs’ and key team leaders. Based upon his own experience changing leadership positions, he has identified several highly effective tools that can be used for “in-placement’ of new leaders.

Do you want to help your new leader succeed? A new two-year study shows that nearly 50% of executive transitions fail after two years. Others indicate that what a new leader does in the initial 100 days is critical. This is the most important time to have a coach.

Whether you are an executive in a new position, or an organization anticipating a leadership change, Jim Cederna can dramatically improve your odds of success. Jim can help provide a roadmap for a new leader to hit the ground running early in their new role.

Do you need your team and new leader to reach maximum productivity sooner? Jim can help new executives by using proven leadership transitioning techniques that save months in getting their teams to know each other and work at optimum levels.

Jim Cederna can help your organization IMPROVE PERFORMANCE in measurable ways, almost immediately thru a proven “team transition” meeting. As an experienced CEO, he knows the mistakes to avoid and the buttons to push to jumpstart the team transition process. In one month, Jim can get your team working as though it had been working together for years.

If you anticipate a leadership change in your organization or have recently undergone such a change, contact Jim for a coaching session.